Pedigree is Everything


Company History

At Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® we are proud of our Kentucky heritage, and we have the knowledge and expertise to put you in the winner's circle of aviation. Founded in 2016 by business aviation veteran and technical expert, Nathan Winkle, Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® offers a wide variety of aviation consulting services, aircraft maintenance management, and aircraft appraisals.  Whether you are starting from scratch, reorganizing, or need technical project management expertise, Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® is a sure bet to exceed your expectations. Call +1-502-930-6650 or email today to learn how Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® can help your team cross the finish line ahead of the field.


Nathan's Biography

With 26 years of aviation expertise under his belt, Nathan has established an industry wide reputation as one of the "go to" subject matter experts for all things business aviation. In 2016 Nathan had the opportunity to start his own company. In a very short time Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® has emerged as a leading business aviation consultancy firm designed to advise and support owners and operators around the world. In addition to offering over-site expertise for pre-purchase inspections and new aircraft completions, Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® offers certified aircraft appraisals and ongoing maintenance management services for flight departments without full-time maintenance personnel. To date Thoroughbred Aviation, LLC.® clients include several major business aviation organizations such as NetJets, Banc of America, JetPro Aviation, Aircraft Acquisitions, and many high net worth individuals who prefer to remain anonymous. To learn more about Nathan's experience check out his LinkedIn Profile.